I want to test drive a flying car

This is simply amazing! Can you believe that a car can fly? It is known that there was a massive interest in the odd-looking Terrafugia Transition flying car when we ran a story with its initial specification sometime ago earlier this year and they didn't ever expect the project they're doing truly 'take off.

A former US Air-force colonel, Phil Meteer, took the wheel for the test flight and reports that the Transition felt just like any other light aircraft. In fact, the flying car has been classified as a 'light sport' category aircraft in America , a class for which it is relatively easy to obtain a pilot's licence.

Owners of the Transition will need both a full driving licence and the pilot's licence to operate the flying car and take-off and landing will be restricted to certified airstrips. The company claims a top speed of about 115mph in the air, with adequate performance from its 100bhp engine for road use.

Don't know when I will have the chance to test drive this flying car! kekeke

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