A woman was unhappy with the way her laundry was done at the local Chinese Laundry, so she wrote a note and put it in the bag with the next collection of soiled clothes: 'USE MORE SOAP ON PANTIES!' She got the clean laundry back, and was still dissatisfied with the results, so, the following week she enclosed another note: 'USE MORE SOAP ON PANTIES!' The Chinese laundry man became very annoyed, and when her clean Laundry was delivered, it contained a note from him: 'I OLEDI USED PLENTY SOAP ON PANTIES!! CAN YOU USE MORE PAPER ON ASS??

Outdoor patio furniture covers

It had been 3 years since I bought my outdoor coffee tables and chairs. It looked as it is still brand new. My neighbor came over to our house one evening and asked me about the secret of keeping my coffee tables and chairs. I recommended to him to use heavy duty year round durable weather proof vinyl outdoor patio furniture covers to protect his outdoor furniture as well. If you like to protect your furniture from pollution, rain and harsh weather, get one set today!

Manhole in Japan

Manhole cover design varies in cities and countries. In some countries they have plain grid manhole covers while in others they put logos and seals on them. Here is another way how manhole covers in Japan are styled. In Japan everything takes on an artistic quality, and manhole covers are no exception. So when you are in Japan make sure you check beneath your feet.










Genuine netbooks

In today’s fast moving business, every people are opening their own shops. They sell almost everything for fast money. But not all of them offer and sell the same quality. I bought a laptop battery recently which turns out to be fake. I’m very mad about it. Since that day, I have been buying all my netbooks and batteries from the trusted source. If you want to buy genuine netbooks and accessories, check out today.

You know what I think?

Ahbeng and Ahlian got married but couldn't afford a honeymoon so they go back to Ahbeng's Mom and Dad's for their first night together. In the morning, Ahhuat, Ahbeng's little brother, gets up and has his breakfast.

As he is going out of the door to go to school, he asks his mom if Ahbeng and Ahlian are up yet.

Mom: 'No'.

Ahhuat: Do you know what I think?

Mom: I don't want to hear what you think! Just go to school.

A few hours later, Ahhuat comes home for lunch and asks his mom, Are Ahbeng and Ahlian up yet?

Mom: 'No.'

Ahhuat: Do you know what I think?

Mom: Never mind what you think! Eat your lunch and go back to school.

After school, Ahhuat comes home and asks again, Are Ahbeng and Ahlian up yet?

Mom: 'No.'

Ahhuat: Do you know what I think?

Mom, getting aggravated replies, Ok then, now tell me what you think. Last night Ahbeng came to my room for the Vaseline and I think I gave him my airplane glue.!!!

Cheap LCD TV

I was at the mall just now and I found out that there is an exhibition sale going on for flat screen LCD TV. There are many television brands on display in their respective booth namely LG, Sharp, Philips, Viewsonic and many others. Most of the booths I saw there is at least one young beautiful promoter to serve me on my enquiry. The exhibition is going to last for another two more days. Hurry if you want to get discounted LCD TV.

Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic


It gave me a scare when Wigan Athletic took the lead in the first half goal by Mido in the Barclays Premier Leaque. Actually, it was quite a "mix-up"in the penalty box. Luckily Theo Walcott scored the equiliser to make it 1-1 then former Manchester United left back defender Mikael Silvestre scored to make it 2-1. From there on in the 2nd half Arsenal is just superb. The team picked up momentum and added another 2 goals through Andrey Arshavin and Alexander Song to make it 4-1. I hope Arsenal will beat Villarreal in next week Champion Leaque return leg. Arsenal are playing at home! yeah!

Your resources for barcode scanners

Having a barcode scanner at my newly opened retail shop helps me a lot. By having this device, it saves me time, managed the stocks more efficiently and allowed me to work in a simplified manner. It is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. It consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones.

Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode's image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port. Get one for your shop today. There is a wide range of barcode scanners for you to choose from.

Flying Hotelicopter

Remember the other day I was saying that I wanted to try out the flying car? This time round, I would like to try out the flying hotelicopter. Actually, the hotel is in the helicopter ifself. Wow, Cool! Right? The Hotelicopter is modeled on the Soviet-made Mil V-12, of which there were only two prototypes ever made. The Hotelicopter Company purchased one of these prototypes from the Mikhail Leontyevich Mil helicopter plant in Panki-Tomilino, Russia in 2004 and have been engineering the world's first flying hotel ever since.

The Hotelicopter features 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience. Each soundproofed room is equipped with a queen-sized bed, fine linens, a mini-bar, coffee machine, wireless internet access, and all the luxurious appointments you'd expect from a flying five star hotel. Room service is available one hour after liftoff and prior to landing." The Hotelicopter is due to fly maiden journey this summer(June 26th) with an undisclosed price.

If you are interested, There is three fly tour. Inaugural Summer Tour - 14 days (Friday, June 26th, 2009 - Friday, July 10th, 2009). California Tour - 14 days (Friday, July 17th, 2009 to Friday, July 24rd, 2009) and Bay/Jamaica, European Tour - 16 days (Friday, July 31st, 2009 to Sunday, August 16th, 2009)

Check out see more pictures and the spec:
Dimensions Length: 42 m (137 ft)
Height: 28m (91 ft)
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 105850 kg (232,870 lb)
Maximum speed: 255 km/h (137 kt) (158 miles/h)
Cruising speed: 237 km/h (127 kt) (147 miles/h)
Original Mi Range: 515 km (320 mi)
Our augmented Mi Range - 1,296 km (700 mi)

helicopter 1

helicopter 2

helicopter 3

helicopter 4

helicopter 5

helicopter 6

helicopter 7

helicopter 8

Featured Outer Banks Vacation Rental

When you're looking to get your first vacation home images, it doesn’t have to be a stressful event. However, Carolina Designs Realty is an expert in helping their clients get their Outer Banks rentals organized by maximizing space. No matter which room of the house you want to face the ocean, there are thousands of vacation home images, views, floor plans and much more for you to view. Trust me; you’ll be happy you got in touch with them.

The one wish

A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. They then get to meet their maker and because of the grief they have experienced; he decides to grant them one wish each, before they enter Paradise.

They're all lined up, and God asks the first one what the wish is. "I want to be gorgeous," and so God snaps His fingers, and it is done.

The second one in line hears this and says "I want to be gorgeous too." Another snap of His fingers and the wish is granted.

This goes on for a while with each one asking to be gorgeous but when God is halfway down the line the last guy in the line starts laughing. When there are only ten people left, this guy is rolling on the floor, laughing his head off.

Finally, God reaches this last guy and asks him what his wish will be. The guy eventually calms down and says: "Make 'em all ugly again".

Superb quality cash drawers

It is about time that I need to change my cash drawer at the shop. Lately, my cash drawer is giving me all sorts of problems with its lock. Since it is still new, I tried calling my supplier to replace the lock and I was disappointed to learn that the lock is irreplaceable. I have no other choice but to look for other cash drawer instead. This time I’ll make sure that it is of superior quality, availability of replaceable components and most of all to keep my money safe.

Wilmington NC Real Estate

If you look in the internet, there are quite a numbers of real estate listings, property for sale resources but you can perhaps find the best listing and advice from Wilmington NC real estate. It is a comprehensive website that deals with the property listings in the Southeastern North Carolina, interactive with maps and new property listing, model homes, open houses listings and much more. Their estate agents are very experienced and have a comprehensive database of real estate homes for you to choose from. You can go through their latest property news, property guides and information to stay updated also.

Thought to share with

1) If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because that will REALLY throw you into a panic.

2) If you go flying back through time and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, always avoid eye contact.

3) Don't drink and think because if you ever reach total enlightenment while you're drinking a beer, beer will probably shoot out your nose.

4) Sometimes you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don't know what your rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then on the way out, slam the door.

5) Life is an endless struggle, full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.

6) The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

Professional job search

If you’re currently seeking for a professional job, may be able to help you. Seriously, there are thousands of professional job search for you to explore. So whether you are searching for Engineering, IT or jobs in programming, you’ve came to the right place. And it doesn’t matter where you live. You can also do a search in any location you’re interested in. What are you waiting for? Visit their website today and find out how great this site is.

Free drinks

Pisang and Itchitaka fancied a pint or two but didn't have a lot of money between them, they could only raise the staggering sum of one dollar.

Pisang said 'Hang on, I have an idea.'

He went next door to the butcher's shop and came out with one large sausage.

Itchitaka said 'Are you crazy? Now we don't have any money at all!'

Pisang replied, 'Don't worry - just follow me.'

He went into the pub where he immediately ordered two pints of Guinness and two glasses of Whisky.

Itchitaka said 'Now you've lost it. Do you know how much trouble we will be in? We haven't got any money!!'

Pisang replied, with a smile. 'Don't worry, I have a plan , Cheers! '

They downed their drinks. Pisang said, 'OK, I'll stick the sausage through my zipper and you get on your knees and put it in your mouth.'

The barman noticed them, went berserk, and threw them out.

They continued this, pub after pub, getting more and more drunk, all for free.

At about the tenth pub Itchitaka said "Pisang - I don't think I can do any more of this. I'm so drunk and me knees are killing me!"

Pisang said, 'How do you think I feel? I'm so drunk I can't even remember which pub I lost the sausage in.'

Sports gifts

During my recent tour at Manchester United Football club stadium at Old Trafford, I was delighted to witness with my own eyes such a big and beautiful stadium. The stadium is very huge and very well kept. Beside that, there are quite a number of souvenir shops selling sports gifts such as jerseys, caps, badges, flags, stickers and many others. I kept some items I liked and some I gave it to my friends as souvenir. I hope that I can come back here again to give support to my favorite team.

Computer addicts

Once stick to the computer, this will happens.

I don’t want to do the dishes,
I don’t want to do the wash,
I sprinkled clothes a week ago
And now my iron is lost!

I don’t wanna clean the pots,
I don’t wanna rattle pans,
I wanna read my e-mail,
And chat with all my friends!

The table needs some dusting
and the floor could sure be mopped,
But I know if I get started
There will be no place to stop.

The closets are so full
Things are falling off the shelves,
I wish for cleaning fairies
And magic laundry elves!

I wish someone could do it for me!

Furniture mounting solutions

I’m very pleased with my private home theater and entertainment room. It was specially designed by my former colleague. He is one of the well known home theater designer in our town. The room is beautifully decorated with various kinds of home theater equipments. I’m impressed with the LCD mount because it is very unique and fit in nicely to his 40 inch plasma TV. The curtains, racks, cabinets and home theater sittings are very well placed. I’m very happy for what I have right now.

What's your expected salary?

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Person asked the young freshy Ahbeng out of MIT, "And what starting salary were you looking for?

Ahbeng said, "In the neighborhood of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package."

The HR Person said, "Well, what would you say to a package of 5-weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years - say, a red Corvette?"

The Engineer sat up straight and said, "Wow!!! Are you kidding?"

And the HR Person said, "Certainly, ...but you started it."

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