Finding fault

One fine day, Mr. Beng visited India to meet with his business counterpart Mr. Maniam to negotiate trade terms. During the lunch break, Maniam suggested taking Mr. Beng for a spin in his helicopter and view India’s city lifestyle.

As Mr. Beng was enjoying the bird's eye view from above, he noticed an overpopulated village with unhygienic living conditions. A man was even shitting in his backyard. Mr. Beng was fast to comment how unsightly it is and that India’s people are so uncivilized.

Maniam was so humiliated and was “tulan” and vowed to himself that he'll humiliate Mr. Beng when he gets to visit Spore. When he really did visit Spore the following month, Mr. Beng too offered him a ride in his helicopter to see the Singaporean lifestyle.

For a whole hour, Maniam was trying hard to spot a fault. Finally he saw a place where people literally littered the streets, and as he had a closer look, he even noticed a man shitting on the grass verge. He quickly pointed out to Mr. Beng about it and said, 'You said Singapore was nothing like India. How do you account for this? Mr. Beng looked closer, smiled and replied 'Aaahhh.. We called that place – “Little India” lah!!!!

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