How to avoid back pain

Back strains and injuries can happen anywhere, but a great many happen at work. Back strain represents one of the largest segments injuries. As you may have learned from personal experience, back injuries can be extremely painful and long lasting. They can keep you in bed for extended periods of time, and occasionally, they may even require surgery. For some people, back pain never really goes away.

The best way to protect their backs against the many back hazards on the job, and off, is to develop habits that reduce the strain on the back. For example:

Slow down. Back injuries that result from slips, trips, and falls can often be prevented by walking instead of running from place to place. It's also helpful to wear shoes with nonslip soles and, of course, to look where you're going.

Stretch first. Your back muscles, and the stomach muscles that help them, benefit from stretching before heavy use. It's a good idea to stretch gently before lifting or other back activity. Gentle stretches at the beginning of the day, and periodically during the day, also help keep your back muscles flexible.

Rest your back. When you sleep, your back gets a rest from carrying your body around. To give your back the best rest, sleep on a firm mattress. The best sleep positions for your back are on your side with your knees bent or on your back with your knees elevated.
Avoid unnecessary lifting. Whenever possible, use material-handling equipment--hoists, hand trucks, dollies--rather than your body to lift. And when you transport material on a hand truck, push, don't pull, it.

Hope these tips are useful to you guys!

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